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Kevin McCord

Arts Blog


Kevin McCord is a driven and highly experienced executive professional in financial services. As someone who balances his career with a broad spectrum of personal interests, Kevin created this blog as an outlet for his creative side.

Kevin grew up in Macon, Georgia. When he moved to New York City, Kevin gained an interest in the arts, attending local shows and iconic performances alike. Nowadays, Kevin still enjoys attending performances and shows when he can, but as a working professional, it’s easier for him to keep up in other ways — like listening to the classics or watching the Tony awards.

Kevin is also a music enthusiast. Throughout his childhood, teenage years, and college years, he took piano and guitar lessons on and off. After moving to New York City, he bought a piano, and spent some time reteaching himself the basics. More recently, he’s taken voice lessons, improv classes, and acting classes. Again, it can be tough to find a balancing act between his career and all of these interests, but Kevin hopes to challenge himself and improve his skills even more in the future.

This blog will cover Kevin’s interests in the performing arts and also chronicle his own experiences in learning different instruments.

More about Kevin McCord

In addition to his interests in the arts, Kevin is a major sports fan. A golfer from a very young age, he plays in various Metropolitan Golf Association tournaments. He loves baseball and football as well, and is an avid SEC (Southeastern Conference) football fan. Although he loves his fast-paced life in the city, he is also a bit of an outdoorsman at heart, and he loves to go camping and hiking.

Kevin is the Director of Internal Audit for GE Capital’s portfolio of insurance companies. Prior to this, he worked for a major consulting firm and a major global insurance company. He began his career in teaching and later did two-and-a-half years of international volunteer work before entering the field of insurance.