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The Benefits of Taking an Improv Class

Some people might break into a cold sweat just hearing the words “improv class” as they imagine a class of talented aspiring actors bantering and producing original comedy routines on the spot with perfect ease. However, improv classes have become popular...

How to Appreciate Ballet

Are you planning a trip to the ballet? Are you not sure what to expect? By preparing for your experience ahead of time, you can extract the most from it. How can you prepare for a show before you see it? The following tips will allow you to get the most from your...

The Perks of Playing the Piano

There are many and varied reasons to play the piano. Not only is it a beautiful instrument with a beautiful look and sound, playing it provides a multitude of positive perks. It sharpens the mind and body, inspires creativity and more. Calms the Mind Studies show that...


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