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Have you decided to learn a new musical instrument as an adult but aren’t sure which to choose? The following four instruments have proven to be the easiest for adults to learn.


Don’t fall into the common misconception that playing the piano is complicated. The notes of the piano are in plain sight on the keys, making it easier already than any other instrument. Another reason the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play is the amount of learning materials there are available to you. There are books, articles, tutors, coaches and many more resources to help you learn the piano!


One of the reasons the harmonica is an easy instrument for adults to learn is its portability. You can literally take a harmonica with you anywhere and practice. You can practice while sitting in traffic or waiting in a long drive through line. The harmonica can never really be off key, so any note you play will sound nice. This is a great instrument to learn because everyone loves to hear a good harmonica song!


Bongos are an option that is simpler than purchasing an entire drum set. Bongos are two drums joined together and offer you the ability to play salsa type music if that’s something that interests you. It still provides you with the basis you need though to follow up with playing other percussive instruments.


The small size of the ukulele makes it easy to learn and practice anywhere. The strings are nylon and there are four compared to a guitar which has six. The ukulele is great on its own as well as as a stepping stone to learning the guitar.

No matter which instrument you decide to take on, you will reap the benefits of learning and playing a new musical instrument. As I discussed in my blog about the benefits of learning a musical instrument, you will increase your fine motor skills, give your brain a workout and even improve your memory! So get to playing that instrument.