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Hiking is an amazing activity that you can do all year round. However, many people hold themselves back from hiking because they falsely believe myths surrounding hiking. The following are a few of the most prominent myths related to hiking.

You Can Only Hike in Hiking Boots

This is a myth. It is perfectly fine to go on a hike in sneakers, especially if you are new and not sure you are ready to commit the money to a pair of hiking boots. Depending on the trail, your sneakers will get a lot of wear in a one or two hikes, but by then you should know whether you are interested in buying your own pair of hiking boots or shoes. If you are wearing sneakers for your first few hikes, be sure they are sturdy.

Only Out of Shape People need a Hike

This is another common myth when it comes to hiking. Hiking is not only meant as a physical exercise. There are a plethora of benefits that come with hiking that anyone can obtain. The connection to nature is unmatched. Especially if you are someone who lives in the city, the ability to have access to fresh air is unmatched. In addition, you will challenge your endurance and mental toughness. Hiking is an activity for everyone.

It’s Too Hard

One of the best things about hiking is that you have the ability to choose the difficulty of your hike. If you are looking for an easy Sunday morning hike, there are plenty of reviews available online for hikes. They will tell you the difficulty level. Or, you can set out on your way and decide from there. If it is too hilly, you can turn around and take a different route. The great thing about choosing your difficulty level is that you will get out of your hike exactly what you waned to. The harder you push yourself, the bigger the reward.

Next time you’re feeling like getting outside, try going for a hike. Do the proper research ahead of time and have fun! Keep the above information in mind and remember what is true and what is a myth. You do not need fancy hiking boots, you do not need to be in amazing physical shape and hiking does not have to be hard.