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Are you planning a trip to the ballet? Are you not sure what to expect? By preparing for your experience ahead of time, you can extract the most from it. How can you prepare for a show before you see it? The following tips will allow you to get the most from your experience at the ballet!

Do Research

Before you head into the show, do your research. Keep in mind that many classic ballets, such as Black Swan, are based off of fairy tales. Some contemporary ballets, however, are storyless and based solely off of music. Determining which type of ballet you will be seeing will prepare you ahead of time for what to expect.

Learn about the Dancers

Before heading into your first ballet, be sure to read and learn about the people who will be gracing the stage. Pay specific attention to the principals of the show, as these dancers are the highest ranking dancers in the show. Once you learn about the dancers, it will be easier to understand and appreciate the hard work and devotion that goes into their performance.

Go with a friend

Almost everything is more enjoyable when done with a friend. Can’t find anyone to accompany you? Many ballet companies have events for audience members to find other ballet enthusiast, also known as balletomanes. Research the performance ahead of time and see if the theater has any programs like that in place.

Keep an Open Mind

Seeing a ballet can be both a daunting and a thrilling experience. You may not love the first show you see, and that is ok. Try another genre next time. The important part is picking out the aspects that appeal to you and enjoying them. Discuss the show with friends afterwards.

No one can tell you the exact steps to take to appreciate a ballet performance. However, by doing your research, taking a friend and keeping an open mind throughout the experience, you will allow yourself to get the full ballet experience.