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Every year, New York has “Broadway Week.” This is a great opportunity to see a show that you’ve been wanting to see, and even better, the tickets are two for the price of one. Which shows are a must see for 2018’s Broadway Week? Read on to find out.

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is based off a Renaissance novel that is set in the present day. Music includes The Go-Go’s and the story is about a royal family attempting to salvage their kingdom. The main character is played by a trans actor, which is a first for Broadway. Not only that but there is an entirely female band in the show. To find out more information, visit

Come From Away

Come From Away is an extremely unique show that is a part of this year’s Broadway Week. It’s a musical based around the story of a village in Newfoundland that took in passengers diverted on September 11th, 2001. This show is almost always sold out, so the fact that they are offering a two for one deal is not something to pass up! 38 planes were ordered to land on this small Newfoundland village and the characters in the show are based on real Gander residents who took in the stranded travelers.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is a revival of the classic, which typically isn’t received well. This is different thought. The New York Times wrote that this version is “better than it ever was.” In this revival, Eliza Doolittle takes charge of her life instead of relying on a man to help refine her. Supporting characters have significantly less time on stage than in the original, as do Mr.Butz and Alfred. To find out more or buy tickets, visit

No matter which show you choose to take in during Broadway Week, you will not regret it. The above three are just some of the many offerings during this annual tradition that is running right now through September 18th!